Registration and Tournaments are open!

Welcome SalukiLAN fans!

We have opened up registration for all. There is a $0.35 service charge to reserve your seat for the event. Just press the Reserve A Seat page and order the seat you want.

I will be adding a button shortly to upgrade to SalukiLAN VIP for those who missed out on it.

Our tournaments are also available now without a password to make it nice and easy to register.
Sign up with your team, or enlist as a free agent.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at

SalukiLAN VIP Advanced Registration

SalukiLAN Fans, we are opening registration early for SalukiLAN 2015. Introducing the SalukiLAN VIP Package

This is for the hardcore SalukiLAN fans and those who want to support this event to the fullest!

SalukiLAN VIP is $20.00 USD

Included in this cost is:
– SalukiLAN Tshirt
– 5 Food/Drink Tickets
– 5 Raffle Tickets
– SalukiLAN Lanyard
– SalukiLAN Sticker
– Advanced Seat Registration

For everyone else, don’t worry! Free seat registration will be available in January.

Register Now at:

Tournaments are Available

Tournaments are ready for sign up! We are using Battlefy for our tournament brackets and registration this year.


You can register at:

Free agents can also sign up for tournaments, and will be assigned to teams if there is enough free players!

Note: You will need to sign up for a battlefy account as well.

League Players: If you get 8 teams signed up before March, Riot will provide RP prizes as well.


Card and Board Gaming @ SalukiLAN!

At SalukiLAN 2015, we are expanding to provide space for Card and Board gamers as well as our video game LAN party.

We have a few sponsors lined up to provide the finest card and board gaming services and tournaments for you to enjoy.

If you are attending ONLY the card and board gaming, you will not need to reserve a SalukiLAN seat, but if you wish to game as well, you will need to reserve a regular seat.

We look forward to seeing all of you in March!

Picture provided by Castle Perilous Games and Books.

Welcome to the new

We would like to welcome you to the new

SalukiLAN is the largest LAN party in Southern Illinois. We have been running this annual charity event since 2009. We are hosted by the Association for Computing Machinery SIU Chapter.
SalukiLAN 2015 is going to be our biggest event yet. We continue to grow, in 2014, we doubled the attendance from 100 to 200 attendees. We plan to do this again this year. We have seats for 300+ guests this year!

For more information, please visit our About page.

Registration will be available soon!

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